Canada is one of the most traveled-to countries in the World. People visit to see Toronto and the massive Niagara Falls, the warm Vancouver City, the Victoria nobody wants to get out of, the oil-rich Alberta, the Wheat fields in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and the Ontario everyone wants to discover. There is also the beautiful Eastern coastline of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Islands, not forgetting the magnificent New Foundland and Labrador. Few visitors jet back home without taking cafe au chaud and experiencing the artistic lifestyle of our little France a.k.a. Quebec.

Your success in applying for a visitor visa will largely depend on how you present your story to the visa officer. Questions like, "who is inviting you?" or "how much money do you have for your discovery" must be answered in a believable, yet, professional manner. The visa officer will also wonder why you have not traveled elsewhere in the past. The slightest notion that you are making a one-way trip to Canada is a sure way of not getting a visa you deserve.

You need to retain my services so that I can communicate with the visa officer in the language that yields visas, not rejections.

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