Open Competition

Canadian jobs are open to all regardless of color, height, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital status. However, knowing someone helps but is not a requirement. Newly-arrived immigrants may experience difficulties in job search because:
  1. they do not know how to apply for jobs
  2. they need time to learn the difference in culture and work ethics
  3. they do not know what Canadian employers are looking for

In Canada, qualifications and experience constitute the first half of the requirements. The second half is about:

Likeability: Canadians like to hire people they can get along with. Be cheerful and genuinely happy.
Enculturation: Canadians will hire you because you can fit, you can share a joke, participate in small talk etc. Be open-minded.
Attitude: Canadians are likely to reject a qualified person whose attitude is wrong.

What Can One Do to Integrate?

Very Important: Learn the cultural expectations of the Canadian work place
Equally Important: Take a lower job or volunteer in a desired field and utilize that time to learn Canadian work ethics.

Remember that job search requires commitment and discipline. No employer will hire you as a social class. Any time spent with your "unlucky friends" complaining about the "unfair" Canadian system is time wasted. Get out and find a job!

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