Take your chance when it is available

There is a story my mother told me when I was five. It was about a clan called "Mbari ya Ngeeka" in English: The Dilly Dalliers. They always wished (even planned) to do something but never did it. Time always ran out before they could even get started. When an opportunity passed them, the Ngeeka clansmen and women were always the first to lament, "We wish we did." Mbari ya Ngeeka are well spread out in the geographical area that I serve. Many are stuck in powerful countries but in weakened positions because their work IDs expired ages ago. Some are clogged by poor mentalities inflicted upon them by their cousins "Mbari ya Ndiri (the clan of the have-nots)." 

I have seen the Ngeeka mentality in many potential applicants. Immigration rules and eligibility criteria have changed and many Ngeeka clansmen and women have found themselves outside scenarios that favoured them a while ago. In the year 2010, about 10 of my clients from the US were dropped before we could lodge their applications when the Canadian Government decided to remove some occupations from the FSW eligibility list. 

This is my advise: if your occupation is eligible today, apply without delay. If you wait too long, chances are that the rules will change before your file has been seen by someone who can make a difference in your life.

As you remain stuck in indecision, please reflect on these sayings:

  1. An expensive shoe that hurts your toes is only good as exhibit at an amputation deliberation.
  2. You cannot entrench well in a rented home: buy your own.
  3. You cannot plan the future while sitting on borrowed time.
  4. Mundu mugi ndari mihere ya uhoro (African proverb)
  5. Mbaari ya Ngeeka makorirwo matari meka. (copied from the Kikuyu bible)

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