Elderly Canadians would prefer to stay at home rather than being put into old-age homes by working family members. In my entire experience as an Immigration Consultant, I have helped to bring in many cheerful caregivers--usually from Kenya--and my clients are forever grateful.

" I make the process easy and the results are almost always guaranteed. Individuals who attempt on their own rarely succeed because the regulations and paperwork can be tricky. Give me a call before you send the wrong paperwork to the visa post because posted mistakes are hard to retrieve. "

Why a Kenyan Caregiver? 

The answers came from my satisfied clients. These are just but a few:

  • Kenyans are naturally cheerful, warm and loving
  • Kenyan Caregivers speak excellent English
  • Because English is an accepted language and culture in Kenya, Kenyan Caregivers blend easily with Canadian families
  • A majority of Kenyan Caregivers possess qualifications in Nursing, Care and Social Work. 

What do you need to do to bring in a cheerful Kenyan Caregiver?

  • All you need to do is talk to me. I will match your needs with several candidates I already have on file.
  • If you have a candidate of your choice, I will help to prepare her or him for the visa process.
  • The process begins with your eligibility to hire a foreign worker. Once we receive the green light, we will proceed to apply for the visa. 
  • I will prepare and send all documentation to the visa post. The visa post will contact the caregiver by telephone.
  • The whole process can take less than 12 months. However, it is important to brace for a longer wait depending on the volume of work at the visa post.

Please call or text me on +1-289-355-9459. You can also email me on vnkaranja@gmail.com